postheadericon How to improve your sexual intimacy?

Many people believe that great sex is the only way to be connected in a strong relationship. They believe great sex means intercourse for a prolonged time. This concept is actually wrong. Great sex does not mean a measurement of how long you will have prolonged sex. It means how emotionally you are indulging in the intercourse. More expressively how much you actually want your partner.  Many men failed in this experiment because of the self-doubt about satisfying the partner, the stories about the prolonged sex which is actually a myth and misunderstanding the actions shown in the porno movies. After knowing all this things, the man himself questions whether he could satisfy his partner as he perceived. A modern day woman also have the same kind of problem and going after the wrong persons and end up in divorce once they felt unhappy about their partner. If you prefer to make up your mind for prolonged sex, you can choose few lubricants coming to market like titan gel which are supplied to boost the sexual experience. There are few medicines are practiced by some people has huge side effects. But the gel kind of lubrication works well and no side effects are reported so far.

Due to the impact of porno movies many men prefer to have long size cock assuming the woman like it more. The size of the penis does not relate with the pleasure he can offer. The size does not matter and pleasure of the sex is how much you are connected with the partner. Because of this misperception many products are advertising that few gels are available to promote the size of the man. The time of intercourse are also have no impact if anyone person is not interested about the partner. So the right concept is to increase the intimacy level rather than the duration of the intercourse. Actually men have to improve their confidence in intercourse when approaching the partner. The Romanian product of titan gel is very popular in market to provide huge pleasure during the intercourse.

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