postheadericon How to Avoid Being Self-Conscious When Wearing Braces

If you have to wear braces either as a child or as an adult, it may not be a fun time. Despite this, wearing braces will leave you with a perfect smile and teeth that are perfectly straight. Although braces are commonplace, not everyone likes wearing them. They don’t want braces that make them feel noticed and stand out from everyone else. If you do have to wear braces, there are several ways you can avoid feeling self-conscious.

Choose the right braces
If you or your child feel apprehensive about having to wear braces, it is important to talk to your dentist or orthodontist. When it comes to wearing braces, there are other options available. Wearing braces doesn’t always means having to wear standard metal braces. Your dentist/orthodontist can help advise you on what your options are. How your braces look can make a big difference in raising your confidence. Of all the options, it is now possible to have invisible braces. By having braces that are transparent, they are hardly noticeable. If you are given the option of invisible braces, then it is worth taking them. If you are not then there are other options available. Choosing the right colour can help make your braces appear not as severe.

Practice your smile
In talking to people, making a presentation or attending a meeting people notice when we smile. A smile can send a message about what we’re thinking or how we feel. If you feel self-conscious about your braces then getting your smile right is important. When it comes to wearing braces, the tendency is to smile with your mouth closed. The trouble with this is that it looks strange and makes it appear as if you want to hide something. To get that natural smile try practising in front of the mirror. One option is to smile fully and the close your lips. By looking at your smile in a mirror, you might find that you can show part of your teeth in a way that makes your smile appear more real.

Change Your Look
Simple changes to how you look can often do wonders at raising confidence. One way of getting people not to look at your braces is to divert their attention. You can do this by making your other facial features stand out more. For example, you might want to think about changing your hairstyle. You’ll be amazed what changing your hairstyle can do in moving the focus away from your mouth. Having your hair pulled back can make your braces appear more visible. Instead, try leaving your hair down, or bringing it forward with a fringe. This can often soften the look of your braces. Rather than change your hairstyle, if you wear contact lenses, you might want to think about different coloured lenses or wearing glasses. It is your eyes that now become the focus rather than your mouth. If you’re a man, you might consider growing a beard. Beards are all the fashion these days, and a well-groomed beard can make you appear more distinguished. It also moves the focus away from your mouth.

Hygiene is important
If you need to wear braces then keeping them clean is important. No one likes seeing what you’ve being eating after each meal. To avoid having an unclean brace, this means regularly brushing your teeth, using mouthwash as well as flossing. It is important to follow any cleaning instructions your dentist or orthodontist gives you.

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